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Dear Kaz,

I have a tiny penis and it bothers me. I am around 5 inches when fully erect and I worry that my girlfriend might eventually get bored of me. She says she is happy, but I do worry.

The other day I spotted some penis enlargement pills online, and the advert said that they guaranteed a ten-inch penis. Do you think it’s possible I could grow my penis an extra 5 whole inches? That would solve all my problems! Or do you think I should get penis enlargement surgery?

Denny, 22, Bridport

Dear Denny,

I can guarantee you that the penis enhancement pills are a scam. There is no way any chemical or herb can increase the size of your member by 5 inches. Some herbs and tablets can increase blood flow, and therefore make your erections harder, but they would not add inches. Also, you should practise caution in taking any medications before consulting your doctor. Please don’t waste your money on any ‘miracle’ pills, you’ll only be wasting your money.

Also, penis enlargement surgery is very extreme. It’s not a simple operation and would be very costly and painful. Most surgeons state that penis surgery can add up to 2cm to the length of the penis in its flaccid state, but it will not make any difference to the size of an erect penis.

According to Healthline, the average penis size in the UK is 5.16 when erect, so your penis size is quite normal. Many British men have a distorted view of how big their penises are. This can be due to many factors, such as comparing themselves with friends or porn stars in adult movies.

Is there something else that is making you feel insecure? Do you want the surgery for yourself? Or to be a better lover?

Most females do not believe that a larger penis makes for a better lover.  A good lover is often viewed as a man who is attentive in the bedroom, learns how to satisfy his lover and knows his way around her body. Good sex isn’t always about penetration. Foreplay is the biggest turn on for women and some prefer clitoral stimulation, which can be achieved with fingers, tongues or vibrators.

If you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom and turn your girl on more, gem up on your skills and surprise her with a vibrator or two! £50 spent wisely on some good quality sex toys, is going to be a whole lot more pleasurable and gratifying than painful penis enlargement surgery!

Relax, believe in yourself and stop fretting about your size.

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