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Dear Mistress Kaz,

I really love the idea of being heavily gagged and restrained. What can I have my partner try other than tying my wrists? I quite like the idea of rubber and encasement too.

My lady friend is into fetish too and we are very open-minded. I want to feel completely unable to escape!

Leonard, 37, Southwold

Dear Leonard,

There are many options available whether you are a novice or connoisseur of bondage! The hogtie is a simple but very effective method of restraint. I’ll include a link on how to do this at the bottom of the page.

If you enjoy encasement, then industrial shrink wrap is perfect for wrapping the body and preventing your limbs from moving. You’ll need quite a few layers wrapped tightly and ensure that your nostrils are not covered, as suffocation would be a risk. 

Depending on your budget the St Andrews Cross is a very popular device for restraining submissives. Most people don’t have the space for one at home and they aren’t exactly discrete, but many dungeons across the UK have these and tend to charge by the hour, so its affordable for most mid-range budgets for a special occasion.

If you are on a budget then I would suggest in at least investing in some good quality wrist and ankle cuffs. Then head down to your local Homebase or B&Q where you will find a good range of hooks, clips and padlocks at very good prices. You can get very inventive with this and be tied into all sorts of different positions. You could even tie a rope to the back of a ball gag on the strap at the back of your head, and have this attached for your ankles. This is an extremely inescapable position!

Speaking of ball gags, there are many different kinds. You might wish to start with something basic with breathing holes, then if you wish to experiment with more extreme versions then have a look at inflatable mouth gags or those that have multiple straps across the head.  With the former, just be sure to test the size out before you are tied up, so you know that it will not interfere with your breathing!

Hoods are a great form of sensory deprivation and tend to come in fabrics such as leather, latex, spandex and PVC. Decide what sort of design, fabric and style you would like. You might like one with a mouth hole, zip, or a hood with no mouth and a blindfold attached so that your other senses are heightened.

At the more extreme end of the scale, some encasement fetishists enjoy being completely restrained in a vacuum bed. I would start with the basics though and ensure that you both master those first before moving onto heavy fetish.

Ensure you and your play partner agree on safe words prior to play time, have a pair of scissors handy and a spare set of keys in case of emergencies – safe kink is always the best kind of kink! and have a great range of bondage and BDSM equipment for beginners to fetish and for those who are more advanced, and looking for something a little more challenging!

Of course, your imagination is the greatest toy available to you and even things around the house can be used for BDSM, silicon paddles, duct tape, pegs, cable ties and a whole lot more besides!

Have fun and enjoy!

How to do a hogtie

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