Abstaining from sex


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As much as I love having surgery, the thing that I struggle with most after going under the knife is abstaining from sex whilst healing. Most surgeries typically involve waiting between 2-3wks before resuming intercourse – however having just had buttock implants put in I feel as though my wait may be slightly longer.

We’ve all had that conversation with our doctors when filling out medical forms haven’t we; you know when he asks you how often you drink and you cut the number in half, how much you smoke and you knock off a few packets or so a week for good measure – you don’t want it to seem as bad as it really is for fear of being judged.

Well my experience with my surgeon was quite the opposite! When he said I could return to intercourse after 2-3weeks to me that seemed pretty vague. That’s a whole 7 days worth of difference there – up to 70 sexual happenings, not a little give or take here or there that can be forgiven.

I felt that I needed to expand on my question because I know that I have a higher sex drive than most women and I’m going absolutely crazy with lust just seven days on from surgery. To triple or even quadruple that may be a life and death matter with my sex drive – everything turns me on!

I felt I needed a health professional to understand the level of activity involved in my intercourse to give a realistic timeframe for my life to return to normal, so that I may chalk up the days on my bedroom wall and hold onto the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our conversation went a little like this… “Just to clarify, when it says intercourse can resume in 2-3 weeks does that mean laying like a sack of potatoes for 3 minutes on my back? Or is it the same wait for reverse cowgirl whilst getting spanked? And being tied up. Including really hard anal for around 20mins at a time? 2-10 times a day? Everyday?”

His answer after he almost choked on his coffee? “Well if it hurts you then you should really stop.” My answer: “But Doc, that’s precisely how I like it!” Hmm…


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