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Back home from Marbella where I had my BBL buttock implant surgery two weeks ago I’m now merrily relaxing with my beautiful new booty and puppy.


They say dogs are a mans best friend as they can sense when you’re unwell or need some extra loving – well it’s safe to say that it works just as well for women too!


Whilst my adorable puppy Duke – a Rhodesian ridgeback mastiff cross – panders to my every need and move, he’s found a rather novel way of helping me to ‘get well soon’ – his tactic? To bury his nose in my freshly plumped butt cheeks each time that I lay down to rest.


Seeing as I have to spend six weeks post-surgery avoiding sitting down or sleeping on my back, I’ve become quite accustomed to laying on my front with my legs unexpectedly making the ultimate dog bed for Duke. He’s the perfect size to tuck into my peach! 


After my masseuse encouraged me to continue to take massages post-surgery to reduce swelling, increase circulation and aide in my recovery it made sense to switch gentle hands on my buttocks for a soppy puppy instead and as he wriggles about and rests at different angles his fur feels soothingly like velvet on my skin.


Before having my buttock implant surgery I researched patients from all over the world who complained about the pain and stiffness of their legs after going under the knife, yet I’ve managed to overcome it by taking gentle walks where possible, keeping active around the house and of course having daily puppy massages to the back of my legs and buttocks! 


With dogs famously working on farms, within the police force and helping the blind it’s only a matter of time before they branch out into massage and surgery recovery too – although cheeky Duke prefers stealing my socks and shoes rather than helping me to get dressed in the morning.


Between Duke and my boyfriend Freddy I have my post-op aftercare perfectly taken care of and I’ve never felt more loved and pampered than I do now – what a cheeky puppy! 


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