Ball skills


With the Six Nations starting this weekend I’m brushing up on my ball skills in order to impress my boyfriend Freddy. Secretly us ladies love a good set of strong quads attached to sweaty men getting down and dirty in the mud. I massively enjoy our weekends at the local pub, drinking, shouting at the match on the big screen and snacking on treats for a cheat day from the gym. We all need to let our hair down every once in a while!


It’s also a great time to bring a little challenge to our relationship as we always hit the bookies beforehand and make bets on which team will win and by how many points. Naturally, I have to take the opposing view of my boyfriend to add to the excitement. I’ve put my first bet on England leading Ireland 6 – 9 at half time – not just because it’s my favourite number/position!

A few things that I’ve recently learnt about rugby:


-A hooker doesn’t stand on the corner of the pitch looking for money

-Fly half cant actual fly

-A winger literally just constantly wings it on the edge of the field

-Conversion is just like what you say with your mates when you get laid on Tinder

As fun as it is to shout and cheer for opposing teams, when we get home, drunk and fuelled on treats we take the full time celebrations to the bedroom and the victor chooses their reward. Nine times out of ten my boyfriend wins, but on the off chance of a fluke I make the most of my sportsmanship by getting everything that I want between the sheets.


Whilst sport divides the majority of couples with women preferring to go shopping whilst the men hit the pub, as a couple it brings us even closer together and I would highly recommend it to all. Whether you’re into sports or not, gamble or have never set foot in a bookies, bring a little excitement into your relationship and spend some quality time together socialising, predicting and celebrating success! 


This could possibly be the only real way to have a sure winner every match, as I’m sure after a heated session post-game even the loser comes out on top!


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