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I’ve not been shy when it comes to talking about the benefits of women consuming semen; not only is each male ejaculation packed full of vitamins, minerals and proteins but it also works as natures anti-depressant and is a mood enhancer as well as assisting in a more relaxed sleep at night. It’s protein content is great for women looking to achieve glossy hair, skin and nails and the act of ejaculating helps to lower the risk of prostrate cancer too.

However I accept that not every woman appreciates the taste or thought of semen as the diet and lifestyle a man leads directly influence the taste, texture, fragrance and volume of each batch. Therefore I’ve developed a quick and easy health-conscious vegan-friendly recipe to sneak semen into your everyday with a delicious batch of protein cookies that are perfect as a snack or pre and post-workout energy boost at the gym. Using vegan protein powder, porridge oats and fresh semen it takes a couple of minutes to mix up a batch of several cookies, 12mins to bake in a medium-heat oven, and after cooling, the protein-packed cookies can be topped with fresh semen for an extra dose of nutrition.

Semen is best consumed fresh, ideally within 24hrs of production, and can be stored airtight in the fridge in the meantime. It’s important to ensure that the cookies are properly cooled before pouring the semen over the top of them as you don’t want to raise the temperature which will attract bacteria and you may also risk cooking and spoiling the semen with heat.

Despite the fact that I don’t mind the taste of semen, at times when my boyfriend hasn’t had much fruit or has eaten pungent foods it’s nice to mix it up with something sweet or savoury to make it more palatable. I also find semen great for a natural face mask as it leaves my skin silky smooth and hydrated, and if I don’t have time to make cookies it slides into a morning smoothie just as nicely. 

Semen is a part of everyday life and we’ve all had an experience of it in one way or another – after all none of us would be here without it! What can be a very loving and tender act between couples certainly has a great benefit to our health and wellbeing also and is something that should be celebrated rather than shied away from. There is no shame in semen!

You can watch my semen cookie tutorial here:

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