Kiss ‘n’ Tell


Oh how wonderful it is to see that Spring has sprung! Tantalising chocolate eggs line the supermarket shelves, days are getting slightly brighter, daffodils and bulbs brighten garden borders near and far and my inbox is filled to the brim with boners which brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘sprung!’

This time of year is all about renewal, new beginnings, starting over and growing… terms that seem to be fantastically applicable to my bounty of enthusiastic followers. You see, I love the skin that I’m in, I celebrate body confidence at every opportunity and very proudly share my thoughts and figure with the world. 

Whilst social media seems to be more controlled and restrictive year on year, I am thankful for my Onlyfans ( which allows me to post whatever content I choose without the fear of having my profile removed for an accidental nipslip, tight dress or commando-spree at the supermarket.

My Onlyfans gives me the opportunity to be absolutely my utterly uncensored self and I love it! This week, to celebrate springtime and to assist in my followers feeling sprung, I had a photoshoot to capture some NFSW content for my fans and the pictures are sizzling!

So I thought I would share with you a little sneak peek of the more socially-acceptable pictures taken from my shoot – whilst celebrating my new booty – as a taste of what to expect if you want to come and join me and my legion of loyal open-minded fans.  Basically this minus some, most or all of the clothes!

I find photography a beautiful form of art and a way to express myself and love coming up with new ideas, concepts and themes for my photos. I also enjoy hearing from my fans what they’d like to see more of, taking on challenges of pictures to recreate and uploading cheeky saucy snaps and selfies throughout my day – a sneak peek of my life of you will!

Whether you’re starting a new project to mark this glorious time of year, enthusiastically dusting off the BBQ after our few days of blue skies or looking to put a spring into your step with some exciting photos you wouldn’t want your boss to see, I wish you all peace, love and happiness.

I see March as a turning point in the year, kissing goodbye to winter, welcoming the run up to summer – and most importantly – being able to remove an extra layer of clothing without freezing to death. Everything just feels better when you’re comfortable, happy and relaxed; whether that’s working out, getting through another day at the office or relieving your stress in another way… you can use your imagination!

Perhaps my Onlyfans will warm you up and help you to let off steam? Or maybe you’ll take inspiration to send saucy snaps to your other half throughout the day and keep the flame of passion burning bright in your relationship – just be sure to stow your chocolate eggs somewhere cold and dark when you do!


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