Taking Control


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It’s scary how much social media has changed in recent years, from the very first innocent days of dial-up internet when the whole world was your oyster, browsing everything from unsuspecting images, hilarious fake news, click bait kittens and side-splitting memes – social media both connects and yet divides people.

We all have the freedom to say and share what we feel online which I see as a huge step forwards towards acceptance, understanding and inclusion of others. However with freedom comes filtering and some years on from the constantly connected revolution we now find ourselves more censored and fearful than ever.

Fearful of what you may ask? Of being deleted, getting hacked or having our profile permanently removed – losing our online identity, priceless memories and network of friends, family and followers to boot.

You see, just as easily as we create online accounts they can quickly be taken away if we step so much as a toe out of line. Whilst I agree with the crack-down on fake news, fake profiles, spammers, trolls and cyber-bullying this very force also remains in place to restrict and punish any content seen as unsavoury, even if it’s completely safe and acceptable to us.

What about a girl on holiday laughing with her friends in skimpy bikini, or a dog riding a skateboard with his genitals naturally on show? BAN! How sexually provocative and indecent to expose their bodies they might say – and it’s these who are turning the word onto it’s head with politically correct madness that will eventually take away our online freedom entirely.

Whilst Facebook and Instagram become tighter with content restrictions and every drop of real life is squeezed from its users, I’m thankful for my Onlyfans which allows me to be as fun loving, outrageous and sexy as the moment takes me.

My profile www.onlyfans.com/tracykiss is everything the internet should be, uncensored, unapologetic and naturally naughty, fun and uplifting. 

I hope that in years to come we won’t all become the puppets on a string being told exactly how to think, act, dress and behave by those who do nothing but criticise and protest offence. I hope we can maintain a free spirited, individual, quirky, fun and effervescent enthusiasm for life, love and laughter.

I say the world needs more free-thinking liberated individuals than the stuffy judgemental busy-bodies who have nothing better to do with their time than hate and complain.

So let’s toast to outrageousness, freedom and naturism in all of its spectacular beauty. Let the trolls take social media one soul at a time – it’s ok, we have Onlyfans! 


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