Who you calling Shawty?


I’ve had THE biggest secret to keep recently and I literally have no idea how I haven’t exploded with excitement – that is, after all, one of my favourite pastimes!

Alas, crude jokes aside, I am so so happy to finally announce that my boyfriend Freddy and I have begun our own clothing line and would like to invite you all to come and join us in the launch on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/shawty_clothing
We’ve named it Shawty after my boyfriends family name and my first name and have spent hours upon hours with clothing manufacturers, designers and logo concepts to bring our exciting dream to fruition. 
We decided to create our own clothing brand after failing to find something that we equally loved in his and hers clothing. Whilst Freddy has his favourite brands for colours and I have my favourite brands for cuts, neither of us loved the very same brand – so we thought why not make one of our own!
In 2019 brands can be born in a single afternoon with so much skill, technology and ability at our fingertips and we’re extremely passionate about making our brand a success. So I’d like to think that you’ll support and join us on our entrepreneurial journey and as a way of thanking our loyal fans, for everybody who follows us on Instagram we’ll enter you into a free prize draw to receive awesome merchandise once we launch.
It’s always important to set yourself goals, push your limits and chase your dreams and we hope to be living proof of the motivation and inspiration we put out into the universe. You can do anything you put your mind to so long as you’re prepared to work hard enough for it and we feel that Shawty embodies our ethos. 

I’m also seriously looking forward to our fans sending in cheeky selfies wearing our clothing, smiling, laughing, pumped and happy to spread goodvibes to every corner of the globe.
So what are you waiting for? Join in on the action and one of the very first few to get your hands on a sexy Shawty or two!
Freddy says: “Whilst Tracy’s most famous for taking her clothes off for her fans now I’ve found a way to make her put them back on! As a guy I think the fit and comfort of gym clothes is essential, without getting ripped off on price and paying well over the odds for a name. We want to bring to the market decent quality clothes with an affordable price tag that people love wearing as much as we do. Watch this space!”


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