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This week we kick off the warm weather with the SLIZZING HOT Alexxa Vice and here is what she had to share with us all here at SPORT HQ.Alexxa Vice (7)

Q1. What name would you like us to refer to you as? Alexxa please or Alexxa Vice although I always think my full name is for when I’m in trouble
Q2. Where are you from? My hand tattoos should give that away! I wonder how many people can figure that out?
Q3. Age? If I told you 21 would you believe me? I’m 27 and no signs of growing up yet, I actually quite like getting a little bit older, contentment has very much come with age for me!Alexxa Vice (4)
Q4. What do you have for tattoos and how many hours have you put into them? So many! All life lessons or the odd memory so far although I am starting to want some just because I like them. I came up with a wonderfully paradoxical tattoo when I thought about getting one to symbolise the idea that they don’t always have to symbolise an idea. I’ve always chosen to leave any bits of damage in them instead of getting them touched up as often the damage is a memory too – like the time I was hanging out very late in my favourite bar (Bad Apples in Leeds) and accidentally burnt a mark into my hand tattoo (The owl by Sneaky Mitch) being a drunken idiot lighting a candle with a plastic straw It’s such a fun memory of great people and a great place so the scar is part of the tattoo for me.
I have no idea how many hours I’ve put in, a lot!  I’m sure there will be lots more hours to come yet!
My most recent is the black pattern on my left arm from Adam Cornish and the ongoing Japanese dragon from Chris Lambert, there’s only around an hour to go on that I think but I had to stop last time after 4 hours as I couldn’t hack anther hour! Anyone who says it doesn’t hurt is full of rubbish!
Q5. Any piercings? I have nipple spikes, a scaffold in my ear and lip piercings, I’m thinking about taking the snakebites out but I’m not quite there yet, I think it is on the horizon though. A lot of people mention really liking them so I don’t want to upset anyone but I’ve always been quite inclined to do what I want to do for myself and just hope it goes down ok with everyone else
Q6. How did you get started in your industry? I’m asked this a lot and there’s no real story,  the honest answer is I wanted to so I did
I was studying Law but I realised I was trying to push myself in a direction I felt I ought to go instead of the direction I really wanted to go in. It was interesting but not anywhere near as interesting as the life I have now!
I love the amount of freedom in the adult industry and it just suits me to bits, I have an extremely high sex drive and absolutely love all kinds of utterly perverse filthy activities,  I love making people happy and I have never been very good at routine or having a boss so I think it’s pretty damn well suited to me! 
The adult/sex industry isn’t for everyone and I utterly respect everyone’s right to do whatever they are comfortable with (be it anywhere from selling sex to wearing a burqa) but for me the adult industry is perfection! I love being naked, I genuinely get to cum at work and I’m more than comfortable fucking strangers It has been extremely good for me learning to push myself in areas I would have found difficult in the past such as the social aspects of the job. I’ve been single for a year now with no plans to settle down soon so it’s been good to have my needs looked after, If I worked in an office I’d have fucked my way through everyone and made it awkward by now
The only down side to the industry that I have experienced is people’s often naive opinions, most people have the best intentions but not always all the insight.  I’m a big believer in both personal autonomy and personal responsibility and I am happy with everything I have chosen to do and I wouldn’t take it back for the world! Alexxa Vice
Q7. How long have you been in the business? I’ve worked in the adult/sex industry for around 6 years getting up to all sorts  I’ve been doing porn and mainstream glamour modelling around 2 years now, I actually won best female new comer at the UKAP awards last year which still makes me grin when I think about it. I’m very proud of it, they’re a fantastic organisation that lots of people put lot’s of work into and they really bring the industry together. I have the award in my living room and my friends always joke that I have ‘a lump of glass that says I can f*ck’ but in reality an awful lot more hard work went in than just the fun part so I’m extremely proud of it (Massive thanks to everyone who voted, winning it was genuinely a highlight of life!)
Q8. What are some of your previous projects? I have done all sorts, life has been one hell of a party so far!  I recently got to shoot virtual reality Tank Girl cosplay porn with VRCosplayX which was definitely a highlight! They let me pick the character and I got to spend a few days in Barcelona, not to mention the male performer was extremely hung!  
I don’t think I can look back at previous projects without mentioning DAP with Legal Porno too, that was another highlight of my life and I actually watch those videos back for my own enjoyment quite often  I once was so horny I came 36 seconds into a trailer for one of my DAP videos  Oh and there was a 56 guy bukkaka gangbang shoot with Splatt Bukkake that I often think of! There’s too much to mention but I’m sure you’d enjoy looking it all up if you’re intrigued 
I have been focusing more on modelling recently and would love to win something in that area, fingers crossed I guess!  I recently had the front cover on Inkd Barbie Magazine and the Twisted Edge front cover which was awesome! I have copies of both to keep which I will probably get mounted but I’ll probably not put them in my living room.
Q9. Do you have any upcoming projects? I have a few things in the works, a lesbian rough orgy scene at the end of this month with some of my favourite girls is going to be fun! I’ve been working quite a lot with Davic Clic and UVPro who are both amazing photographers so there’s some shots that I think are awesome coming from them! Hopefully a few of them will end up in magazines and maybe even another cover if I’m lucky!Alexxa Vice (3)
Q10. What type of music do you listen to and who is your favourite band or artist? I listen to a big range of music but mostly I love Rock, Blues and HipHop, I tend to go to metal festivals but I listen to a lot of mellower stuff too ranging into DnB and acoustic,  I wouldn’t say I’m into Jazz, RnB or super heavy Metal but most other genres. I have quite a few lyric tattoos, from Bite the Buffalo, Scroobius pip, Jeff Buckley (yes Buckley not Cohen) and even Lonnie Donegan and one from a musical!
My most recent gig was Swamp Candy who describe themselves as ‘pig drinkin’ whiskey eatin’, foot clapping’ hand stompin’ american music’,  my most played band on Spotify right now is Walk Off the Earth who are very fun and kind of poppy, I’m working out to Run the Jewels (rap) and my love will always be Rock music so quite a variety!  I’m nearly as into music as I am into sex
Q11. Do you have any hobbies? Well, drinking obviously I love riding my bike (mountain not motor) when I get a chance and I have a dog who loves coming along,  I used to draw and paint which is something I really want to get back into but honestly most of my free time is spent on my favourite hobby – masturbation I made myself cum 6 times yesterday, it’s a time consuming past time 
Q12. Are you into video games? I’m not, I have friends that are really into it but I never have been – I don’t actually own a functional TV but I do watch scifi on netflix (Spot the trek tattoos?) 
Q13. Favourite sports and who is your favourite teams or persons? Mountain biking is definitively my favourite thing to do but I don’t watch sports, if I had to pick something I think we can all agree the women’s volley ball is a joy to observeAlexxa Vice (6)
I actually shot some MMA lesbian porn recently with MMAXXXOFFICIAL but I was definitely doing more fucking than fighting I’ve got my butt back in the gym lately so I’d love to go back and give that another go when I’m in more fighting form
Q14. Favourite type of movie and favourite all-time movie? Most of the movies I watch have the kind of names you can’t reprint
Sci-fi and B movies definitely, Startrek is a life long love of mine although the series rather than films – I do think the reboot has been amazing though and can’t wait for the next film! There’s an indy super hero film called Super I’d thoroughly recommend and it’s a bit of a different genre but  I love Four Lions, it’s one of the few films I re-watch.
Q15. Favourite type of food and favourite meal? I just love food! I try not to eat meat but it is delicious so I’m not 100% none meat, I love sea food but try not to eat that too often because of the environmental impact, I love cheese too but I have cut that down drastically for ethical reasons as well. I think everything in moderation is probably the best way, except hummus, I could live off hummus! 
I once actually had a discussion with a friend that lead to us researching whether the amount of cum in my diet substitutes the meat and I’m happy to report back that in some ways it does!Alexxa Vice (4)
Q16. Favourite alcoholic drink?I’m a brandy drinker, I might be the only person in my 20s who is a brandy drinker but it just makes me feel really merry A nice glass of red wine with a good meal can be a very sensual experience too I think!
I will always say yes to a tequila shot and always no to sambucca, Sambucca drinkers I’m sorry but you’re wrong
Q17. Your No.1 inspiration in life? This is a really difficult question, I think there are inspiring moments in every day life all the time if you look for them and normal people are often quite amazing! People who chose to work in the NHS are inspiring, most of them work extremely hard despite the under funding because they believe in the service, the same goes for lots of our public services, firefighters choosing to risk their lives in an appallingly underpaid paid job in order to help others is inspiring. I think people in the adult industry are inspiring too, some people may not consider it brave but I think having the balls to do what you want to do regardless of the negativity that can be directed at it is inspirational, having the strength of self love to say here is my naked body in it’s entirety is inspiring too. People with strong wills and kind hearts are inspirational to me I think. I’m not necessarily impressed by conventional success but by principles I think, although of course different people have different principles! 
Q18. Measurements? I can’t find my tape measure  I’m 5’6 and have 32F breasts, my waist I know is 26 inches and my ass is big! I’m slim but curvy too which I like personally I think if memory serves I’m 36, 26, 38 but that might be wrong  I’m planning to have surgery to slightly increase my breast size in the nearish future, I think because my ass is so big it will look good and I really enjoy wearing tight tops and no bra, I feel hot with big tits and nipples showing through my shirt
Q19. Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex? This question is so subjective! Absolutely all over the place – I’ve never had sex on a plane though! That is on my hit list! Someone recently told me he had a wank over me while he was in a public toilet and now I’ve got that thought in my head I can’t stop thinking about being properly defiled in a public toilet, I’ve been trying to persuade him to take me in there with him next time to wank over me which I don’t think will take too much convincingAlexxa Vice (2)
Q20. Do you prefer to make love or f**k? I’m not sure the two have to be mutually exclusive, absolutely disgusting kinky sex can still be very passionate and loving! I just love variety, some times I like gentle cuddly sleepy morning sex, sometimes I like shockingly perverse ruination. Sometimes I like to sleep with people I know well and have an ongoing sexual relationship with, sometimes I like to fuck strangers and never even ask their name. I love anal and I rarely give a blow job without deepthroating so I suppose you’d call it ‘fucking’ but sensual sloppy deepthroat can be a loving act too! I think for me it’s the combination of the two that’s best in that I enjoy being a shameless slut, but I enjoy it most when I’m someones slut, I’m very submissive so I like doing all sorts but I like it best when someone else is calling the shots on what they choose for me to do if that makes sense? Getting f**ked in the ass by a stranger can be making love if you’re staring into the right persons eyes while you do itAlexxa Vice (1)
Q21. Favourite sexual position? I cum easiest on my back with my ass filled, I love being on my knees looking up with a mouth full too though, and there is definite joy in being on top sliding up and down and watching the reaction of the person who’s dick you’re sat on! Doggy gets nice and deep and I love feeling big hands around my waist controlling me, I think I just really really like sex
Q22. An interesting or unusual fact about you? I’ve said this before but I can actually be quite shy, people often think that girls in this industry are super confident or crazy arrogant and that’s often not the case! I should probably add that I was incredibly horny while I was answering this so my answers have been a little perverse, I hope I wasn’t getting too filthy for you! ;)Alexxa Vice (5)
Q23. Social media?

Photos by David Clic for DAILY SPORT

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