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Forget late night parties, date nights and waiting till the kids have gone to sleep, according to hormone experts the best time to have sex is at 3 pm! Apparently, this is when a man’s oestrogen levels are at their highest and oestrogen is what controls a man’s libido. Women’s libidos are also under the spell of the goddess oestrogen so they are at their most sexualised about 10 days after ovulation. So although it may become a bit to organised and scheduled, if you pick your sexy times carefully you could be in for the ride of your life!

Cupid’s arrow hit this week and we descended on Manchester to attend the long-established, Cupid’s Swingers Club in Swinton. The divinely decadent decor and sumptuous furniture are comfortable and the staff welcoming. You will feel relaxed as soon as you enter the venue. As always we met some amazing people and the night certainly went off with a bang. If you are looking for a fun night out look no further than Cupid’s where you are guaranteed a sensual, erotic playtime if you so choose.

Surgery is open

Dear Dr Decadence

How do I explain to my hypoglycaemic girlfriend’s parents that I shagged her into a coma? We had a long tantric session and she passed out! Her parents are on holiday but will want to know what happened when they get back.




Hi C

Well, that must have been some session. You should always be aware of any limits or illnesses your partner has which could be affected by sexual activity and act accordingly. I assume she was rushed to the hospital and put on a glucose drip for 12-24hrs and then kept in until she levelled out. I do hope she is ok now. May I suggest that you keep snacks and sugary drinks close to hand next time to ensure it doesn’t happen again and keep an eye on her to see if she is waning at all.  As for her parents, they may not want to know what their little darling has been up to so as much as I always say that honesty is important, in this instance, it may just cause more harm than good. Speak to your girlfriend and see if she feels they should know or not, and unless you have a death wish maybe let her tell them.

Good luck and stay safe. He the father doesn’t kill you let us know how you got on.

Dear Dr D

I recently started dating a girl who is an escort. I’ve k ow her a while and new what she did as a job and it had never bothered me. Since we got together though I find it harder as I often have to drop her off and hear the phone calls from them etc… also as sex is part of her job she doesn’t want to do it much when she is not working. She loves her job and I love her. How can I make this work?


Hi T

It is very different not minding when you were just friends and how you feel when you are in a romantic relationship, it can’t be easy for you. You said she loves her job so it would not be fair to ask her to give it up but maybe you could ask her to have a friend drive her and to take the calls in another room. You need to talk to her and tell her how you are feeling, especially about the sex side, she may not even notice that you two are not being as intimate or maybe there could be things she wants to try with you that’s different to what she does at work. Be open with her and understanding and see if you can find a middle ground if you don’t then it will eat you up inside and you will both end up resenting each other.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Until next time, stay decadent!

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