January Blues


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January has been proven to be the worst month of the year for most peoples libidos. Why? Well, I would say that is obvious, the overspending and overindulgence of Christmas and New Year coupled with an incessant need to improve oneself for the new year don’t exactly instil many people with a desire to jump in the sack. Throw in the fact that it is cold and dark which brings on seasonal affective disorder and the general gloom that we feel at this time of year and we have a recipe for a lacklustre, libido-killing month. Even those who are not usually prone to bouts of depression can feel it at this time of year when the days feel like they are closing in around you and you wonder if you will ever see the sun again. And then, if we all didn’t feel bad enough, the lurgy starts to hit and one by one we all fall to the demon that is the winter cold. If you do manage to push through all the boundaries and find the time and energy to play then ensure that you are cleaning all toys and play spaces before and after use to stop the spread of sex drive sucking seasonal sickness. Hygiene is important at all times but with so much illness floating around it is doubly important now. So try to get out of the seasonal funk and have a little play, the endorphins it will release will improve how you feel and increase your ability to deal with the winter months.

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Dear Doctor

My partner and I use a chastity cage as part of our play. I struggle to last long once it is removed and was thinking of getting some tablets to help with that. Are they safe to use whilst in chastity?



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Hi T

Glad to hear that you and your partner are fighting the January slump and finding time to play. You can use such tablets whilst using chastity. Once taken it will usually take 20-30 minutes for the tablet to start working and when it does the added pressure of the cage will make for an enjoyable sensation. I personally wouldn’t suggest leaving the cage on too long after the tablet has started working though.

Have fun and stay safe.

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Until next time, keep those questions coming and stay decadent.

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