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I had the opportunity to attend a circus the other day and it got me thinking about how both life and sex are like circuses in themselves. There is always the ringmaster, the acrobat and the clown. The ringmaster is there to oversee proceedings, they usually have an over inflated sense of self and an ego the size of the big top. The acrobats are there to distract and tantalize, they can get in to positions you could only dream of but they are also so used to the applause of the crowd that they require applause and adoration. The clowns are the most fun, they are self deprecating and always playful and fun, but watch out, they generally have some trick up their sleeve. Have a look back at your past relationships and sexual partners, do they all fit into one of the three? Which are you?

Imagine your life as a travelling circus, the logoed lorries contain your sexual history, the big top is your sex life, the artistes come and go, some returning, some staying longer than others, some receiving applause and some causing shock and awe. We look back at the circus fondly, usually remember it as better than it was as we do with relationships and love affairs. And just like with relationships and love affairs, however they end, whether we enjoyed them or not, we will always try again as we will always return to the circus. We all put on an act and a show, we play a part, whether we realise it or not but like the circus, sex is the greatest show on earth!

How was your Valentine’s day? Did you get down and dirty or were you home alone doing DIY. Did you get any naughty gifts? Drop us an email and let us know.

Make sure to get your club and party reviews coming in, tell the world which are the best and worst swinging and BDSM venues that you have attended. Maybe you have found a hidden gem or have been disappointed by a well-known location, either way, tell the rest of the community.

Right then party people, until next time – stay decadent!


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