Wet January


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Greetings and salutations kinksters

Are you doing dry January? I’m certainly not, I want January to be as wet as possible, well in the girls panties at least!

Yes, finally I can get my fix of testosterone and horsepower, why? The grand tour is back! Finally, my life will once again be filled with Clarkson, Hammond and May. The three musketeers of mayhem are back on our screens to bring you the third and final series of the Grand Tour. Yes, I know, you expect me to talk about sex but what could be more sexually stimulating than the sound of a Bugatti Cheyron? Though when Hammond starts talking it may turn you off again. If car programmes were in the Oscars these boys would clean up.

You all know I am a major car aficionado so you can imagine how thrilled I was to witness the big New Year drive out which put central London to a standstill. Sitting outside Costa I was overjoyed to see the Lambos etc. come gliding past. It really did make a good start to the new year.

Surgery is open

Dear Dr Decadence

How do I approach a Domme?


Hi L

It’s really very simple, read their website! Find out about them and how they prefer to be contacted then do so. Also of they have social media accounts follow them, like and retweet, make yourself useful to them. But most of all, be respectful!


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