Could WANKING be the next Olympic Sport?


Well it could be by 2024 if BAVARIAN Wilhelm Whigler has his way!

Whigler know to his friends as WILLY is the president of the World Waking Federation who are petitioning the IOC to have WANKING made an OLYPIC event.

When your DAILY SPORT questioned Whigler as to why WANKING should be made an OLYMPIC event the 74yo said”People are getting them to look at having eSports and more people than any other SPORT have a WANK!”

WILLY now wants open discussions with the IOC or maybe even a MASS-Debate.

DAILY SPORT says – Well you’ve all heard the old FOOTBALL chant “The referee’s a WANKER” now the players will be too if this KRAUT get his own way.


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