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He’s the man at the helm of the UK Adult Producers initiative, steering the adult business towards greater awareness and success. He has accomplished a great deal of positive change for the industry in the 20+ years he has been active, and has used his vast knowledge to educate, guide and inspire those around him.  He is none other than UKAP’s chairman Terry Stephens!

Terry’s interest in the adult industry was first piqued in the mid 90’s, when he started selling pirate VHS tapes (what’s a VHS tape I hear some of you Millennials say!)

He found there was a highly lucrative market selling blue movies through naughty magazines and free ads in the back of the newspaper. It was back in an era when the internet was not even yet a twinkle in someone’s eye and you needed a certain shrewdness about you to market a product successfully.

Mr Stephens would trade with other porn pirates and drive round with his naughty wares, doing home deliveries. He’d knock on the door and casually deliver a discreet package. The buyer would excitedly hand out his cash, then run to their privacy of their bedroom to pop a tape in the machine and thoroughly enjoy themselves, as if all their Christmases had come at once!

The majority of his pirate copies would find their way into some of Soho’s biggest sex shops. The shops were often subjected to raids from the police, who would confiscate any material regarded as obscene. Terry was the porn purveyors ‘go to’ man who would ensure their shelves were re-stocked with erotic delights! This is how Terry was given his pseudo-name One Eyed Jack – arrrr!Hardcore DVD Sale | TamedLife | 143 Sex Toys | Private Lines

Of course, during this time porn was illegal, so racier content was something that was only held under the counter or available through lesser known circles that refused to conform to the laws.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the infamous porn pirate One Eyed Jack aka Terry Stephens, who believes that the internet has made porn too freely available and has resulted in the market become flooded with porn. Therefore, profit margins from adult content are a lot lower nowadays than back in its golden age.

On the flip side, he mentions the fact that the internet has made some very positive changes in the porn industry, such as the new porn revenge laws that protect those involved.

He says “It’s gone from a time when making Porn meant you had to pay for it, then someone had the idea of giving it away for free and making money by using the traffic to make money from advertising. The internet is a blessing and a curse!”

There’s no denying that the internet revolutionised the way pornography became available to consumers and Terry was quick to adapt to this change. As a porn viewer himself, he noticed that in a lot of British porn, it was always the same couple of guys shooting in the scenes and that often the scenes lacked chemistry and excitement. Also, the politics of who wouldn’t shoot with whom became tiresome and that’s when he was struck with a lightbulb moment and decided to launch realcouples.com

Real Couples | UK Amateur Porn | XXX Action

He was looking for red hot passion between the performers with plenty of eye contact and a real sense of intimacy and enjoyment, something that was a rarity in most British porn!

Of course, this new venture was not entirely without problems of its own and Terry soon discovered that real couples often came with their own issues.

He begins to regale a story of a past shoot and I’m unable to stifle a giggle as he says:

“Part of my shoots involved interviewing couples about their relationships. I hit a stumbling block with the question: What was the most exciting thing you’ve done in your relationship? The guy started to answer the question, but then the girlfriend proceeded to interrupt his story with a comment about the time she caught him cheating on her! This started a heated argument and I made a conscious note to do all future interviews after I got the sex filmed first!”

After this incident, Terry would pre-warn couples that if they started arguing, he’d capture it all on film! After all, reality porn is the very essence of what he shoots. It’s a warning that has helped ensure that his couples are usually on their best behaviour!

UKAP’s leading man Terry is not just a one trick pony however. He also runs The Naked Truth Podcast which is a weekly podcast show, which covers a variety of essential topics and broadcasts interviews with porn stars and producers.

The Naked Truth is also at the forefront of the latest adult industry news and offers advice on all kinds of topics from; how to get into the industry through to updates on The Digital Economy Bill and Age Verification.

He tells me: “I’ve interviewed many porn stars and producers about their experiences, from Scarlett Revell (female director for Harmony) Michelle Thorne, Ava DaLush and Lara Roxx to name a few. Generally, I go for the informative aspect of the business, rather than trying to be entertaining to give people inside information about the business, which will hopefully help them make better decisions to stay ahead.”MILF 1.00 600x250

I’ve personally known Terry for 13 years and he has always possessed a sweet humility and under played his many achievements. He is a strong leader who has been very influential in the way the industry operates. In fact, over the years he has been sought out by a network of adult industry members across Europe and the US, who have been eager to pick his brains and share in his vast knowledge.

The Real Couples founder admits that a lot more positive changes in the industry would be very welcome, but he believes that this requires a great deal of activism and unity.

He says with earnest:

“The adult business needs to engage with its critics and be accountable for what we do while at the same time educating about the business and showing we can self-regulate, or someone will see an opportunity to do it for us, as we’ve seen with ATVOD and age verification over the years.”

Another of the many issues which Terry feels strongly about is mandatory health testing. He states that centralised testing would encourage performers to take their health more seriously. He says that raising awareness of the risks involved and educating party organisers and attendees would help to change the attitudes of those most at risk.

To help tackle some of these issues, UKAP hosts quarterly meetings in London and aims to educate and inform those who attend. The doors are open one to anyone in the industry. In Terry’s words, it is an opportunity to “discuss issues and pitch new tech and services. We’ve been known to rally support and challenge anti porn campaigners as well as educate through events like parties, exclusive screenings and Q&As

Of course, life in the adult industry doesn’t just involve scrutinising new policies, laws and holding meetings. Entertainment and planning events is something that Mr Stephens is highly passionate about and it gives performers the opportunity to network, build connections and blow off some steam.

The UKAP awards are an annual event that lies at the centre of the adult industry. It’s a widely-celebrated event that see porn stars travelling from both ends of the country to attend and take part, in the hope of winning one of the highly-coveted awards.

The awards give recognition to many who have made waves in the industry and pays homage to some of the hottest UK talent, as well as oversea brands and stars.

Terry cannot emphasise enough, the important role of the UKAP awards in raising the profiles of those that take part each year. He says:

“The best part is the free promotion for months before the night. It stimulates the interest of the fans to vote for you. It’s the largest gathering of those in the business, all networking in one place. That alone, is worth its weight in gold. It’s also a great way of meeting the business movers and shakers.”

Whilst UKAP does not aim to regulate the industry, it does it’s best to offer general guidelines and rational advice. At the centre is Terry, who is a pillar of strength to those that seek his support. If you are in the adult industry or looking to find away in, Terry should be your number one contact.

You can follow Terry on Twitter @nakedtruthguy

The UKAP awards this year are currently taking pre-nominations and you can find out how to enter or entered by following their Twitter @UKAdultAwards

Real Couples | UK Amateur Porn | XXX Action

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