DailySport reviews new Footie spoof, ‘United We Fall’


First and foremost, if you are a die-hard Manchester United Fan, you’ll need to add this to your collection.


Mirroring some of the characteristics of their heroes from the early 90’s, Hunter, Fallis, Keegan, Kurtz and Amoako talk to you in a documentary style soccer spoof, which has some great one liners and dialogue that sometimes only true football fans can appreciate. Some of those moments, when we thoughts we could have been a great football player on the pitch, but if it wasn’t for XYZ reasons etc…. They encapsulate that whole spirit perfectly.


The players/actors cleverly address some of the fundamental reasons why football players in reality come to their demise, with the booze, the money and the girls – and let’s not forget the politics involved around the world’s most popular sport. However, it’s done in a way that you never take these guys seriously for a minute.


My thoughts – whether you are a Manchester United fan or not, buy this. Irrespective of which football team you support or play for, you can either relate to one of the characters, or will be able to match one of the characters to a team mate or player from the team you support.


Available on DVD from 9th February….




United we fall


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