The Secret Behind This Year’s Bronzed Beauties



A revolutionary new tanning product which promises the perfect sun kissed tan is this autumn’s must have product! Until now, it’s been a well-kept secret of The Daily Sport’s biggest names in glamour and of course it’s responsible for the beautifully bronzed limbs of last year’s winners at the UK Glamour Awards.

The company behind it, Star Tanning UK, sponsors of the UK Glamour Awards wanted to create a product that was safe, natural and suitable for all skin types. Star Tanning’s 3 step plan enhances melanin naturally in the skin and is ph. balanced to leave skin soft, supple, silky and desirable. Unlike similar products on the market Star Tanning products create an even, all over tan and staining your sheets and clothing is now a thing of the past!

Offering a golden glow that lasts between 7-9 days, it’s easy to understand why many glamour models are turning to the bottle to keep their skin glossy and tanned between photoshoots!

 Glamour model Candy Lane says, “I tried so many products over the years which were a total fail! Often, I’d leave my tan behind on the bed sheets, so I just stopped staying over with boyfriends. It really put a dampener on dating! Since finding out about Star UK’s spray tans and products, it’s given my private life a sexy boost and I look like I just came back from a vacation in the Caribbean!”

To celebrate their recent partnership with the UK Glamour Awards, Star Tanning UK are offering Daily Sport readers the opportunity to win a sample product! To enter tweet @Daily_Sport and @UKGlamourAwards and tell us why you would love to have the perfect tan and use the hashtag #StarTanningUK

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