Coldwell’s Olympic Boxing Special


It’s been a strange week for many people in the UK this week.

After the euphoria of the Olympic games and all the success stories it brought, we’ve kind of hit a little bit of an after the party hangover.

In the twelve months that we have been in our offices, I’ve never had the television on, but while the Olympics were on the TV was suddenly brought into play and on every day.

All of a sudden it feels weird now that it’s off again and I’m not screaming at a Team GB representative through the screen!

But let’s just relive the Olympics for a minute. What a fantastic finale it was for Team GB boxers Adams, Campbell and Joshua.

First up was the history making Nicola Adams as she became the first female to ever win a Gold medal for boxing at the Olympic Games. And didn’t she do history proud!

Boxing fantastically against an all time great female fighter in Ren Cancan of China, Nicola dominated the tree time world champion on her way to a 16-7 points win showing great footwork and lovely hand speed. Of course the likable Yorkshire lass smiled her way to the ring but that was nothing compared to the joy she expressed as she was announced as Olympic Champion, dishing out an Ali shuffle as her arm was raised!

Congratulations Nicola, you didn’t just do women’s boxing proud in this tournament, you did the sport as a whole proud.

Hull’s Luke Campbell achieved a life long dream as he became Olympic Champion for Team GB at Bantamweight when he outpointed Ireland’s John Joe Nevin in a great fight that was as close as we expected going in. Many thought Nevin’s form in the competition would see him edge out Luke, but the baby faced St. Paul’s boxer has a fantastic boxing brain and made the most of his fantastic amateur boxing skills to put on the performance needed to turn back the confident Nevin. Campbell taking the Gold with a 14-11 win.

Although I’d heard of him, I first saw Campbell box when I went along to watch his fight against Michael Maguire in the ABA finals a few years back.

We went to watch Maguire as we looked to sign him for Hayemaker and as Campbell took the talented Maguire apart I did wonder if we were looking to sign the right man!

I’ve followed Luke’s career since and am over the moon for the kid.

I felt sorry for young Fred Evans as he never got going in his Olympic final and lost out on the Gold to Kazakhstan’s Serik Sapiye who was a former two time world champion.

Evans simply had no answer to anything that the Kazak did but should hold his head up high as he has won an Olympic Silver Medal, the same colour that Amir Khan won and he hasn’t done to badly out of his career!

Evans has impressed in the competition and at only 21 yrs old has a great future ahead of him.

The big man, Anthony Joshua has had an awful lot of pressure put on those huge shoulders of his in the build up to and during the games, but he’s shown an impressive maturity in the way he’s handled it all.

No more so than in the Olympic Final itself as he took on the defending champion Roberto Cammarelle of Italy.

In a very close fight, competitive and exciting, Joshua found himself trailing by three points going into the third round, which to be honest I though was harsh. But Joshua showed he’s willing to put it all on the line when he needs to and threw everything at Cammarelle in order to turn around the scores and urged on by a deafening crowd the big Londoner did it.

With the scores at 18-18 Joshua won the Olympic Gold medal on count-back and joins some pretty hugenames as Olympic Super-Heavyweight Champion.

There’s plenty of speculation about what the boys are going to do next, but I for one think they should be left to enjoy their achievements for now and soak it up. The whole of Team GB have done the whole nation proud and the team have got to take time out and enjoy themselves for a while before they make their next move.

Whatever they choose to do, they are hero’s to new generation. That’s some achievement.



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