Its big fight weekend


As a boxing fan I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for some time now.

So now it’s here I can’t wait until this evening’s boxing gets under way.

The hugely anticipated WBO Title clash between Ricky Burns and Kevin Mitchell has got all the boxing industry and fans talking and speculating as to who wins. Many are sitting on the fence, for every Burns prediction you’ll find a Mitchell prediction. It’s a genuine 50/50 fight.

These are the fights we as fans want to see. When you get fights that are so even, you just don’t know and can’t be 100% sure of who’s going to win. That’s what makes the game so exciting.

Both these boxers on any given day could win, they both have fantastic attributes and they have both got impressive wins on their records. Burns for me is the one who has had to work harder to get recognition and who at an early stage stepped up into a higher level of competition. Mitchell has always been the house fighter, always had the opponents brought in for him until he was let off the leash and dipped his toes at world level.

Mitchell is perhaps more talented and exceptional at what he does whereas as Burns is very good at what he does, but in a less flamboyant manner. Burns is very well schooled and disciplined whereas Kevin has been accused in the past of loading up and trying to look for the spectacular finish.

Mitchell has proved his metal, by standing toe to toe with Carl Johansson in that brutal war, but has also proved he can be disciplined when he wants to as he totally outboxed and out thought the huge punching Breidis Prescott. But to counter that Burns had tough fights in his early years against the likes of Alex Arthur and then got up off the floor to beat the fancied Martinez in his WBO title challenge to prove he has the toughness to go with his boxing ability.

I’m a fence sitter on this one, I think Burns outboxes Kevin if Mitchell goes to him, but if Mitchell looks to make Burns come forward he can outbox him. Burns is a little awkward going forward whereas Kevin has shown he can be open to counters going forward.

If they both stand and trade it’s anyone’s game. I just can’t pick with confidence either way and i’m sure many watching on Box Nation will be of the same mind as me.

Over on Sky TV, Matchroom have a great show from Belfast as Carl Frampton is put to the test against former world champion Steve Molitor of Canada.

Molitor is a class operator and has a decent pop in his sharp punches. Although Frampton has looked good in his fights so far, he hasn’t fought anyone at this level yet so we’re going to find out just how far away he is from the top level. Lets not forget he is still learning the trade, albeit at a fast rate.

But he’s going to have to show a little more seasoning in his approach to this fight I think, he can’t just trudge forward expecting to bomb Molitor out as soon as he hits him or expect that he’ll find him easy enough. I know Frampton’s team really believe that the prospect has so much more in the locker than he’s shown, I think we’ll see that in this fight because I think it will be a tough night’s work for him and although Molitor won’t be as good as he once was, I think he’ll ask a few questions of Frampton. But i believe Carl will answer them and come out with a very important win in a great learning fight for him.

Last weekend saw the fantastic Sergio Martinez become the first man to beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr as for eleven rounds he put on a masterful display of boxing. However in the final round it almost all came to nothing as he got caught and was down for a count. But Martinez showed what a warrior he is by not trying to hold and survive, but traded with Chavez and came right back at him at the bell to put a stamp on a great fight.

After the fight, it was revealed Martinez had suffered a broken hand earlier on in the fight which just makes the performance even better in my eyes and he also damaged his knee in that final round.

Chavez however failed a drugs test with Marijuana showing up and again taints his career after previously failing tests and being done for drink driving.

This is a young man that should take lessons from Martinez not just in boxing, but in how he lives his life.

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