Midweek footy round up


Another week has passed this calendar year and all is looking pretty much the same.

 I can’t be arsed to go out.  It’s too bloody cold and wet and the telly is looking too good to bother trying.

This weekend sport wise has been as expected although the goss is all about the bottom of the table. Things got a bit shirty so now the bottom of the ladder looks worrying for a few teams.  I think when it gets to the stage where even a win doesn’t get you out the bottom three, it’s time to worry a little.

West Ham and Cardiff are both looking a little tender down there. West Ham seem to be very aware of the fact they need a new striker and yet there doesn’t seem to be any urgency about it.  Carroll is fit, Cole is scoring and dare I say it, Miaga is perking up a little, so why they need another striker is beyond me really.  In my eyes its defenders they really need and lots of the buggers!!

Going back to my team, I am genuinely worried for the Hammers this year. With Andy Carroll not being about has really cost them dear.  Big Sam has had rotten luck with injuries but as a manager he should be able to deal with these situations.  I used to stand by him but starting Carroll on the bench and slouching in his chair during games has made me think he doesn’t give that much of a shit.  Dare I say it? I think its time he got hoofed.  

What you notice with a team when a new manager comes to town is they get this new lease of life,  a need to impress and prove themselves.  More often than not the honeymoon period brings in a few results which is exactly what West Ham need right now. Hopefully a few key lads coming back will keep the torch lit but in the back of my mind I know they’re in for a struggle. If they do go down I double the likes of Carroll, Morrisson, Diame, Jarvis, Cole will stick about and the championship ain’t no disco anymore.  It’s a tough one.

Cardiff are also in the muck sitting rock bottom.  The only difference being is it’s not a massive surprise. If you ask me, Malky would have kept them up but that weird indoor sunglass wearing prick from the east has torn that club apart. Cardiff have justified the re-brand colour change by way of promotion but what happens when they go down?  Their key players are sold and they are fighting a relegation battle in the championship wearing red because its supposedly lucky. The only time colours bring luck is roulette and that’s a cruel mistress of a game. Cardiff fans will be calling for blood soon to match the red shirts and they’re just lucky they haven’t invested too much into the team, although this window isn’t shut yet, they may invest in survival…..

Going west now it looks like the poor mans Barcelona have finally realised they are nothing without Mitchu. Bonny is very good, a great signing in fact but they need more than him.  Swansea will be okay I think but they also need back up! I’m not sure about the financial situation there but maybe Laudrup should think about his next position.

So, Man Utd took a beating at The Bridge and what a pleasure that was to watch too.  The Chelsea line-up was devastating to be fair, I couldn’t see a weak spot in it …. very impressive!!

Liverpool, dropped a few points in the race for 4th between them and Spurs? Spurs actually look great at the moment.  I’m not sure how long Soldado will tolerate sitting on the bench but they seem to be back to their best.  Will they do 60 wins this season?  It’s a possibility.  I fancy them for a champions league sport.

Arsenal I’m actually tipping not to qualify for champions league but here’s my top table predictions

Man City (devastating form )




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