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Anyone who has at least one eye on the UK scene will have heard of Nathan Jones. His brash, charismatic personality and often almost poetic speeches make him either loved or hated by fans and fighters alike across the country. Well his fighting speak for itself and he’s now on a 4 fight win streak coming into a fight with Matt Robinson for the WFS welterweight title. We caught up with “Mr. Bag & Tag” himself for a few words ahead of the collision.

Tale of the tape: Name: Nathan Jones Nickname: Mr. Bag & Tag Age: 28 Height: 6ft Gym: Team Titan and Legacy BJJ Record: 8-4

Hi Nathan, straight to the point, you’re taking on Matt Robinson at WFS 3, what kind of challenges do you think this fight entails?

Matt is a well-rounded, tough fighter and a worthy opponent for the WFS title. However I have fought a lot of tough fighters, bigger and badder. This is another day in the office for me. This fight is not about him. This fight is about me. I can tell you the challenges Matt has to deal with -Trick shot to the jack pot, unorthodox.

Have you been focussing on anything specific in training for Matt? I know he’s a bit taller than you?

Nope. I am keeping my training the same. I train to get better and I train to BAG and TAG, standard. I have been very active the last 12 months so I am constantly improving as a fighter. I can’t wait to perform.

Both you and Matt fight on the same scene, so have you been expecting this fight for some time?

Yes I knew this fight would happen sooner or later. I have seen Matt fight a few times now. He has my respect and I am ready to take mine. He comes to fight – I would not have it any other way. With this kind of fight, the fans win every time. The threats that Matt poses, I have faced in other opponents. My hell on earth sparring partners, have been teaching me to dance with the devil. I am prepared and I am expecting a good fight. We will see who wants it more. Matt is a cool guy and I am sure we will have a drink after the fight and possibly have some training opportunities in the future.

I know you’ve been wanting a fight on WFS for a while now, you’ve finally got it and it’s for the title. What does that mean to you?

It is a great opportunity to fight on WFS. They are an up and coming promotion going places. Yes the title is nice, however it is not me as the current FURY and BCMMA champion why I am fighting for the belt. It is the dynamic of the match-up between Matt and I that makes it championship fight. But WFS belt to my collection is a bonus!

You’ve attended at least one of the previous shows held by WFS, what were your thoughts of how they were run?

Yes the guys at WFS are doing their thing. On time, good match ups… keep it up. Sprinkle a bit of bagging and tagging in the mix and happy days.

You’re coming off a great win in late March via triangle choke. Has that put you on a high knowing that your next fight is for a title?

Yes. My last opponent was legit, a tough as was undefeated prospect. I rise to any challenge. I am now on a 4 fight win streak and ready to claim the title. BAG and TAG.

WFS is now at the York Hall, how does it feel to be fighting at such a prestigious venue?

It is great, the atmosphere will be wild. However I am not putting the venue on a pedestal. The fight and the outcome is what matters.

You’ve got the whole charismatic “bag&tag” thing going on which always entertaining for the fans. Is that something you planned to set yourself apart, or did it just naturally grow?

It is me. I am having fun living, being and doing me. I dedicate a lot of time to this fight game, gotta have fun with it. But also in life you have to set yourself apart with your skills. My personality and charisma helps to get my name out there and my fighting speaks for itself. Onwards and upwards.

What’s the plan for you after this fight?

A stiff drink and then who knows?? You will have to do another interview!

Thanks for your time and good luck in the fight. Are there any people to thank?

Like always I want to thank everyone on and off the mats. Everyone at the guys at Team Titan, Legacy BJJ and Combat Company. I would like to thank my friends, family, coaches, sparring partners and to all of my supporters. I want to make a special thanks to everyone (too many names to mention) that has accepted me for being me, believed in me and helped me get to the next step in my life – That is Mr Bag & Tag and Nathan Jones. Even to people that have rubbed me up the wrong way this past year because you got me in the zone. Also a shout out to my sponsors Impact LPA, Battlegear and JY Nutrition . And thanks to Conquer-Mental Skills Training for getting my mind right and tightening up my focus, My management, Elite MMA agency. Last but by no means least, I would like to thank my girlfriend Sarah, who has been my rock, she has put up with me through thick and thin and kept me sane. Thank you x. Feel free to follow me: @da1nath1 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And check out my website – where you can get a Bag & Tag t-shirt!




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